The Sister's Hideaway - 
Actually the attic of the home, this luxurious and roomy suite features a king size bed for slumber, a love-seat/reading alcove, and an en suite bathroom complete with a whirlpool-jacuzzi bath. $159 per night

Papa's Room - 
The rustic decor of this master room calls to mind the stern but loving nature with which Papa Ripley might have raised three young daughters. It features a queen bed and its own en suite bathroom with whirlpool claw-foot tub. $129 per night

Melissa's Room - 
A room with twin beds for Melissa and a guest, this lovely chamber features a collection of guardian angels to keep watch through a restful night’s sleep. An en suite shower room adds to the convenience. $109 per night.

Della Rose's Room - 
The wallpaper abounds with roses and reflects Della Rose’s love of nature and the lovely gardens and landscaping that surrounds Three Sisters Inn. A spacious art-deco furnished room with a queen sized bed, it offers plenty of room to relax. Guests enjoy the spacious hall bath with a shower and a claw-foot tub. $109 per night. 

Edith's Room - 
A room with beautiful natural lighting and an antique full size bed. It adjoins Melissa’s with a door that can be locked for privacy or open to include family and friends next door. When rented together, the two rooms are perfect for a family of four. If Edith’s room is rented alone, the hall bathroom is available for guests. If rented with Melissa’s room, the bath in Melissa’s room is shared. $99 per night.